@zicklepop I approve the sentiment but the movie didn’t seem particularly transphobic to me. Are people complaining about the shapeshifters?

@ghost_bird there’s a joke scene where they check an alien for a penis to determine gender, apparently. i am holding off on seeing it. marvel previously turned Captain Marvel in to a facist in the comics, so on top of everything i’m burnt on my love for Danvers.


@zicklepop That’s not quite how I remember the scene. Two character’s check a dead alien’s genitals (under an autopsy cloth) look at each other and make a remark that implies it’s got a big penis. Nothing about determining gender.

@zicklepop The film was OK, I’d say - but I don’t pay attention to the comics. Did they do the fascist thing to Captain Marvel as well as Captain America, then?


@ghost_bird yup! Civil War 2 was not a good time to be a Kelly Sue x Captain Marvel fan.

@zicklepop Ugh. Glad I’ve not been paying attention to the comics then - thanks for the warning.

@ghost_bird i’m so happy a bunch of people have corrected me on the peen thing and i am going to see captain marvel today :)

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