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hey portland, you aren’t that weird. step it up!

like, fuck you? also: hahaha you are fortunate enough to still think the American dream exists.

this medium article is calling me out, grabbing me by the collar, and punching me in the face repeatedly.

omg the vocalist of my favorite sound voltex song just noticed me. today really is rhythm game christmas.

the greatest gift of all was being patient enough to teach me osu!

Music, albums

1. Various Artists, MIKU'S TAPE -Miku Expo 2018 Edition-
2. ピノキオピー, 増殖する今村
3. Nayutan Seijin, Kara No Buttai Z
4. Jack White, Boarding House Reach
5. Freezer feat.妃苺, Can You Decorate?


1. Maquia
2. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
3. Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern
4. Mary and the Witch's Flower
5. Deadpool 2

Games I Wish I Spent More Time With, no order

* ​Final Fantasy XIV Pocket Edition
* Forgotton Anne
* Heartbeat
* Monster Hunter World, Generations Ultimate
* Moss (oculus vr)
* Ni No Kuni 2
* Octopath Traveler
* Spider-Man
* The World Ends With You (switch)
* Undertale (switch)

Games I Completed

1. Pokemon Lets Go
2. Picross S1, S2, Kemono Friends
3. Night in the Woods
4. Yoku's Island Express
5. Groove Coaster (pc)
6. Hatsune Miku VR (pc vr)
7. Captain Toad
8. Kirby Star Allies
9. ​Unraveled 2
10. Gris


1. My Solo Exchange Diary
2. The Bride Was A Boy
3. Land of the Lustrous
4. The Promised Neverland
5. Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction
6. The Girl from the Other Side


1. Pop Team Epic
2. Hinamatsuri
3. A Place Futher Than The Universe
4. Laid-Back Camp
5. Zombie Land Saga
6. Love is Hard for an Otaku
7. Tada Never Falls In Love
8. Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san
9. How To Keep A Mummy
10. Asobi Asobase

i like to look back at the year and appreciate the things that brought me joy over the year, so here's my favorite things from 2018

both cases, i was asked never to come back. one of them used a homophobic slur. i’ll let you guess which one.

- i did an in store pickup with a Best Buy gift card i received that covered everything, went to get it and got chewed out for having a PayPal account connected where the name of the account didn’t match the billing name

(this is going to happen again elsewhere, huh)

short story:
- i accidentally knocked a shirt off the hook thingy at Hot Topic and the clerk started cussing and chased me out of the store calling me a punk. that’s right: kid in polo shirt and khakis was too punk for Hot Topic

stores i am barred from entering:
- hot topic
- best buy

these are my badges of honor, i wear them with pride

me, at the salon waiting for my nails to dry, using my nose to open and browse through the web, like a freaking bird with no shame

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