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i can't be the only one who keeps saying gal gun when i mean gun gale online right? right? sigh, ok. *jots note for therapist*

spoiler: the tetris effect is sweating.

catching up on some anime :) zombieland saga is fun.

whelp. finally got the fishing rod in Heartbeat. here goes the rest of my days.

i can’t believe these stupid fin tech startups will let me do whatever i want

no one is chatting with me, might as well work :(

i’d day the biggest change in my life over the last few years is i no longer have to play spelunky alone

thing i cannot get out of my mind since yesterday: Hatsune Miku’s Project Diva but for Zombie Land Saga

out of all the changes in my life recently, the only change in how people identify me is as an obsessive picross player

work forgot to give me the day off for the release of the new reel big fish single. what gives.

starlink: battle for atlas initial impressions: will people who didn't play no mans sky appreciate this game as much as i do, having played so much of that mediocre game?

facebook tries to guess your race based on your posts. twitter tries to guess your gender based on your posts. i am just so tired.

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i have never been one to spell things out for you. so, here it goes: t h i n g s o u t f o r y o u

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