‪i made an Apple Shortcut i am proud of!‬

‪it takes what you are listening to and lets you share it as a image. Perfect for Instagram or Snapchat stories.‬

twitter celebrates by hiding trans people who denounce trans exclusionary people, as predicted they would

companies pretending to be inclusive when they have zero history of doing that really sucks

hi. i implemented dark mode for my simple website lol

google couldn't even properly stream their streaming game console announcement

lyft drivers have resorted to sending me threateningly ominous text messages

two things: disable 3d touch, that stuff will mess you up. also: don't allow microphone permissions, you'll constantly hit it on accident and lose points during the audio quality swap.

i can now play Hatsune Miku Project Diva on my phone. the world is mine.

i’m not trapped on a plane with them, they’re trapped on a plane with me

it’s going to be a good while before i have time to work on the next Miku Manifesto song, so here’s the mashup cover art for it :)

Streetlight Manifesto's 9mm and a Three Piece Suit featuring Hatsune Miku

Streetlight Manifesto's The Hands That Thieve featuring Hatsune Miku

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