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hi! i like anime, manga, games, comics, comedy, and sometimes even people. newly girl. recently started my own mastodon instance ~ lets be friends

ok, i wonder how i will feel about this tomorrow, but i went with: Lauren Bacall, Aubrey Plaza, and Abbi Jacobsen. and Hatsune Miku because don’t tell me what to do!!!

“name three female voices you like”
oh that’s easy it’s
“not miku”
oh ok, then
“not anime voice actors”
oh…. ok….
“not miku”
hear me out… miku?

i love’s work so much. thank you so much!

i also assume it would be less like watching your racist dad try to be funny?

conan in japan would be more palatable if you replace conan with nathan fielder

it’s weird how a bad week can turn itself around.

i spent the day with some nice people just being happy. 😊

i hydroplaned off a bridge 7 years ago. luckily it doesn’t rain often where i live, but i think i’m going to stop riding in cars when it rains. i cannot handle this.

i got to be a witness for my friend's wedding today! ahhh i hope i witnessed well!

to the person on pokemon go who sends me gifts from tomb stones: ok, thanks :)

i can make my cat purr without touching her

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😸 a fwiendly instwance 😸