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There are really only two genres of music: rock and pop. Pop music makes you want to dance. Rock music makes you want to burn shit and was perfected by Beethoven.

My brother referred to phones as "fondle slabs" and I'm gonna run with that.

β€œSmart watch” yeah right. Doesn’t even know it was a lazyday.

My sweetheart is making sushi with cauliflower rice. This is me bragging.

β€ͺI scheduled an appointment for a plumber through their website. Instead of calling me, they emailed me. Customer for life. ‬

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Happy Discardia!

Nice long Discardian holiday season this time, lasting through January 5th.

Time to look at the year behind & ahead. Acknowledge where you've been & what you've learned. See the possibilities you've created for yourself. Choose where you want to be heading.

Y'all out there on vacation dealing with the stress of traveling but we smarties are enjoying an easy commute! Haha! Suckers!

Happy solstice. We’re halfway out of the dark.

I just remembered the Mr. Bungle album "California". What a fuckin' trip this thing is.

Happy solstice everyone β˜€οΈπŸŒ

Having some kind of celebration on the Winter Solstice is one of the oldest human traditions. So whatever you do today, I hope it involves light and good times! πŸ’š

I really enjoy adding music cues in my television show. Also I don't understand why we call it a cue.

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I just remembered the guy at the pizza place who would say "excellent choice" to every customer after they told him what they wanted, including directions to the restroom.

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