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I just remembered the guy at the pizza place who would say "excellent choice" to every customer after they told him what they wanted, including directions to the restroom.

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My therapist sent me a PDF. It's written with Arial.

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I really admire the quiet confidence of Black Widow. I want that.

Catholicism has made two good things: Bach and Daredevil.

@mathowie I should say that a lot of that was 2 cameras running simultaneously.

@mathowie Last night's episode was 18 hours and 10 minutes.

"So, tell me, is there a *Die* Kommissar?"

I'm gonna get a hoodie for the office and put in on a long bungie cord so I can't accidentally bring it home and leave it there.

I've been working on a TV show called Log Cabin Fever. Season 2 premieres tonight at 9pm Eastern on Great American Country. I think you'll enjoy it!

It's interesting to wonder about which of your all time favourite things don't actually exist yet!

@zicklepop @ethosophical It's a good show! And a real TV show that I work on, which is cool.

@mathowie Both. And repairing barns, and tearing down barns. All sorts of antique wood reclamation.

The show I'm editing is premiering tomorrow! It's called Log Cabin Fever. Season 2 starts at 9pm Eastern on Great American Country.

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😸 a fwiendly instwance 😸