Holy crap my wife got me socks with my dog’s face on them.

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“Smart watch” yeah right. Doesn’t even know it was a lazyday.

My therapist sent me a PDF. It's written with Arial.

@metagrrrl I finally bought that club chair that I’ve always wanted for my office. Also it’s a recliner.

Here's a new GIF I made from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend for when things don't make sense.


My wife made spoopy eyes for the hedge and I love her so much.

I’m calling voters today and it stresses me out, so I’m wearing power socks.

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I bought the CD from 1997 and imported to icloud again. Wish me luck.

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The nearby construction workers are hammering "shave and a haircut" but they are not hammering "two bits."

Throwback Thursday to that time those kids were selling lemonade for $20.


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