I listen to a lot podcasts. It’s a fun way to past the time at work. And to avoid being alone with your thoughts.

What if the way I felt right now in this moment is the way I felt foreverrrrrrr???

Fortunately/Unfortunately I’m looking forward to the bite guard I ordered that arrives today so I can feel “normal” when I wake in the morning.

Interesting fact (but not enough to describe as a fun fact):

I’ve started measuring my heart rate on my phone when feeling anxious (often) and it’s almost barely above my “normal” rate.

So furious.

I’ve been in a good place recently. The most unwanted thought I’ve had in my head the past few months is thinking how attractive my therapist is.

‪Feel unengauged at work. Slow day. But not bored enough to open Discord.‬

For the last episode of DrGameShow I honored them by listening at 1.0x speed.

‪::makes a lemon face::

::takes out imaginary pencil and waves it around wildly::

“You complaint has been noted.‬ Check minus!”

One of the questions addressed on the Friendshipping pod today covers the talking points I had with my therapist the day before on the same subject. Listening to the pod was definitely easier than talking about it.

Office email went out to all staff requesting employees only fill each other’s stockings with candy. Desperately want to reply all “Please don’t. I still haven’t eaten my one piece of Halloween candy yet.”

TBT to last year when the in-law complained about the homeless while still at the Thanksgiving dinner table

I don’t feel like I can listen another podcast where people talk about vitamins for an hour. I feel I could be vulnerable to that obsession.

I game I play with myself I guessing which twitter trending topics are & aren’t sports related. I always get least one wrong.

“Are the chunks in coconut water ‘pulp’?” is thankfully taking up a lot of extra brain energy right now.

It’s November 2nd and I still haven’t eaten the one piece of Halloween candy I got this year. 🙏🏽

Here me out before you judge. “Darth Lincoln”...

There’s nothing like a text message that makes you feel like you have to stand up and mentally compose yourself before responding.

@Gabriel We spent the entire session on the first unsent message 👏🏽

Therapist: So what do you want to talk about today?
Me: (opens unsent twitter drafts)

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